A Day in the Life is a dialogue-based adventure game and simulative experience where you play as a high school student exploring the strange and changing world of Kamusta High School. The player experiences life as a student whose days keeps repeating in a groundhog's day fashion and must talk to the many different characters from a multitude of social circles in the school to figure out how to stop the day from repeating.
A Day in the Life uses interactive storytelling and decision-making to work through social and emotional health issues within a broader social, political, and economic context. A Day in the Life encourages dynamic interactions with characters and a world that changes based on player decisions. During the day on which the game takes place, the player is a high school student trapped in a time loop. As either Sanome or Saralyn, the player must navigate through the high school, interact with the characters that populate it, and find a way to stop the day from repeating. This game tackles topics such as bullying, HIV/AIDS, sexual violence, and (un)healthy relationships. It also uses gameplay to explore different modes of empathy.
narrative Workshops

A Day in the Life takes inspiration from real stories by high school youth living on the South Side of Chicago. Before production of the game began we created a small workshop, involving the youth playing a narrative-based role-playing game based in high school, followed by open discussion on how the characters they created relate (or don’t relate) to their lives. The students and their stories have helped inspire the characters, themes, environment and more in the game.
A Peak into Development

Amanda Dittami, Creative Director, Lead Game Designer & Artist of A Day in the Life, speaks to inspirations, logic, accidents and more that led to the proof of concept for the Location Green World from the Kamusta High School Universe!

My Roles
+ Game Design Lead
Creative Director
Project Manager
Lead Artist & Animator
+ Lead Writer
Unity Developer
Workshop Facilitator
+ Playtest Facilitator
clients / collaborators
+ Game Changer Chicago Design Lab
+ University of Chicago 
Compton Foundation
Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture
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