Bystander is an interactive narrative that explores the role of bystanders in sexual violence scenarios. The player takes the perspective of a high school junior who confronts a series of episodes linked to sexual violence and harassment. Bystander is a theoretically based intervention that aims to increase the skills, attitudes, and awareness needed to empower high school youth to help combat sexual violence. The experience frames sexual violence prevention as a community-based responsibility. Bystander is meant to challenge common rape myths and explores a continuum of opportunities for individuals to intervene before, during, and/or after a sexual assault.
This version is a vertical slice / proof of concept I developed with Game Changer Chicago Design Lab.
My Roles
+ Narrative Designer
+ Lead Developer
+ UI & 2D Artist 
+ Researcher  
clients / Collaborators
+ Game Changer Chicago Design Lab
+ University of Chicago
Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture
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