Game Design 4: Level Design

In Spring of 2021 I taught a remote level design course for Uppsala University in Gotland. This was unlike any other teaching experience I have ever had and had the pleasure of working with four other teachers and over one hundred students. During this experimental course we challenged students to create 2D and 3D levels without the use of text or traditional UI in order to push their skills as level designers.
Course Description
Students study some of the many roles levels and level design play in game design: Levels as a learning environment, as a tool to communicate narrative, as a collection of geometry and as a set of game objectives.

By studying examples of levels and level design, students are introduced to level design concepts and theories. By creating and discussing several examples of level design, students exercise their ability to value design decisions in an early stage of production.
Students then apply these concepts, through production of their own level designs, tests and through implementation. The production is done in project form.
My Roles: 
Visiting Teacher, 2021
Curriculum Developer
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