Water Aloft the Ridge is a 3D puzzle-adventure game that captures the experience of three characters traveling across a mysterious mountain ridge a year after the death of a family member. The player controls these characters in subsequent playthroughs, each having a different relationship to the late family member and to each other. Each character travels the same physical space in search of something different, allowing the player to experience the ridge from three unique perspectives.
Water Aloft the Ridge was the 2012 Game Design Senior Capstone Project. It was developed over the course of two semesters by a team of 29 designers, artists, sound designers, and programmers. The game was created using completely original art, sound, and code designed by the students in the Unity 3D engine.
My Roles
Game Design Lead
Creative Director
Project Manager
Lead Writer
Voice Acting Director
Motion Capture Director
Unity Developer
Level Design 
Clients / collaborators
Columbia College Chicago
Interactive Arts & Media Department
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